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Anders Media Inc. (A.M.I.) was founded by Adam and Nikki Anders, in 2000 in Los Angeles, California. It started out focusing primarily on the music production division Anders Music. In 2010, AMI started expanding into development of various music based TV, Film and web projects. AMI has always been home to a diverse range of artists, songwriters and producers, which lead to the creation of Deep Well Records. Along with the label comes the music publishing division, Bump Into Genius, which houses some of the most decorated songwriters in the business. Thus far, Anders Media Inc. can be credited with projects from Cee-Lo Green and the Jonas Brothers, to film and TV productions such as Glee and Rock of Ages. Anders Media left a huge mark on the industry by being the force behind the music of the smash TV show Glee. To date, Anders Media Inc. has sold more than 100 million albums, earned 4 consecutive Grammy nominations, 2 People’s Choice Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards and an ARIA Award.


Adam Anders


Nikki Anders


Anthony Falcon

Head of Development

Kim Nieva

VP Of Operations

Ryan O'Donnell

VP of Creative

Nicole Ray

Production Coordinator

Joe Conner


Tom Smith


Gabi Kochlani

Creative Director, Publishing

Nicole Poulos


Deborah Radel


Jules Levy

Tech Development



For Agency Contact:

Jad Dayeh

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC.